Hilarity. McCain goes to Sturgis and goes on about rather having 50,000 inebriated bikers than 200,000 Germans cheer for him. Fair enough. Decent political shot. I’m still waiting for the wingnuts to jump up and down and whine about how he wouldn’t even have HAD that many if there wasn’t already a BIKE RALLY THERE! But I digress.

The real shocker of the event is when John McCain offered his wife up to the “Buffalo Chip Beauty Contest”. Now, I don’t think Mr. OR Mrs. McCain knew precisely of what John spoke. Check that. I KNOW they didn’t. Here’s the clip:

Now, here’s the real thing. Stay with it until at least 1:50 or so:

I think Jesse Taylor over at Pandagon had the the best commentary on this yet:

All I’m saying is that if Barack Obama had gone to an event with 20,000 people wasting gas to talk about energy and said that his wife should have simulated sucking a banana dick between another woman’s legs, this race would be fucking over.

Now, it’s one thing for a godless socialist liberal communist to be into topless women, felating bananas, and showing your buffalo chip. But John Sidney McCain? The REPUBLICAN nominee for President.

No wait. Such repressed thoughts aren’t so surprising. Carry on.

Values! Values!

(more Buffalo Chip after the break)

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