Duh. What lefty hasn’t been saying this for – oh i dunno – 7 years or so?

By analyzing a comprehensive roster of terrorist groups that existed worldwide between 1968 and 2006, the authors found that most groups ended because of operations carried out by local police or intelligence agencies or because they negotiated a settlement with their governments. Military force was rarely the primary reason a terrorist group ended, and few groups within this time frame achieved victory.

No wingnut blog will link to it though, I’m sure. They don’t want to have to own up to the idea that brute military force and their “support for troops” is the solution to everything the free market can’t fix. Idiots.

Using the term “global war on terror” is something Democrats never should have been suckered into using and they should have called it “counterterrorism” just like we always have. The term global war on terror (GWOT) was an intential misrepresentation of facts that was used to wage an illegal, immoral, and unjust war in Iraq.

If we had only listened to the sane in the beginning instead of falling prey to our fears and the propaganda, we wouldn’t have to lament at reading this some 7 years later.

So can we stop pretending we are “at war” now and just admit to ourselves that we never were? You fight terrorism with good intelligence and police work. Not by bombing the shit out of countries not responsible for the terrorism you used to bomb them.

Those righties who pretend to know what they are talking about concerning terror groups need to admit this as well. I don’t expect them to lower the charade anytime soon though. Their delusion is as wide as it is deep.

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