I don’t think I need to repeat how pissed off Joe Lieberman makes me.

I mean- it’s one thing to go against your party on a specific issue. It’s a whole different thing when you start literally embracing the other party’s presidential nominee and dissing your own.

But hey- that’s Joe Lieberman for you.

Not only did he go on “Meet the Press” and say that Barack Obama is not ready to be President, he’s also expressed interest in speaking at the Republican National Convention

You know what? I hope he does get invited to speak at the convention. And I hope he goes- and never comes back.

It could almost understand Joe’s decision to burn all of his bridges if he was supporting a candidate who actually had a chance of winning and actually had something important to say. McCain has neither.

It’s sad, actually. Joe had a good career and did some good things along the way – but it looks like Mr. Joementum is going to end up like the last guy who dissed the Dems by speaking at a GOP convention…