The last time I donated to Barack Obama’s campaign I got a couple of pretty cool magnetic bumper stickers. They are nice, thick magnets with a cool design.

Eric told me he got an Obama t-shirt the last time he contributed.

Pretty cool stuff, right?

What do you get when you donate to John McCain’s campaign?

According to his website, if you donate $25 they will let you download the template for a McCain paper airplane.

This got me thinking…

If I am going to print something with my own printer on my own paper, it might as well be a Plunderbund-themed airplane that can totally kick John McCain’s paper airplane’s ass!

So I made one.

Print out the plan for the PlunderPlane here:


And here are the directions for folding it:

Oh- and if you want to make a donation in the process- please buy a shirt.

Note: send me a picture or video of yourself flying the plunderplane and I’ll post it.