So let’s get this straight. Modern day conservatism involves bigotted hate speech and bang bang shoot-em-ups.

Just thought we’d get that settled real quick.

Just about every word in conservative parlance is code for some type of bigoted hate speech, including the term “conservative” itself.

Of course, righty bloggers are in a big circle jerk over Rush Limbaugh reaching 20 years of broadcasting. Everyone telling their “first time they heard Rush and fell in love” stories. I remember wht I thought the first time I heard him:

Who the fuck is this bigotted, racist idiot?

Still do. My theory on Limbaugh is the whole thing was due to first mover advantage. Whoever filled that space first was going to be successful. Righties get to love him. Lefties get to hate him. But they all listen. Had a lefty done so first those would just be reversed and it would be just as hard for a wingnut to enter the space.

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