From the daily archives: Saturday, August 2, 2008

In response to yesterday’s PlunderPlane post, the kids over at the Kilroy campaign came up with this REALLY great video…

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Barack Obama has been quoted saying this about his opponent:

“I’m not going to lie to you. I’m going to win this election. I don’t want to just win. I want to give this guy who is running against me a spanking,” Obama said. “The reason I do is because he exemplifies the kind of scorched earth, slash and burn negative campaign that has become the custom in Washington and it is the reason why we can’t get anything done.

“Ordinary people just don’t act like that, they don’t call people names all the time. They try to get something […]

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My friend from the Minneapolis area sent me this when it first launched and I got to vote. The finalists are out and they are great. You can buy your favorite now for $20 and post it in your yard. Here is my favorite:

The cool thing? It was designed by my friend and big Plunderbund fan Joseph Hughes from Hughes for America. Great job Joseph!

There are many more to choose from. Get one for your yard today! Very cool concept from the Minne. Adam keeps saying move up there. This is another […]

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So let’s get this straight. Modern day conservatism involves bigotted hate speech and bang bang shoot-em-ups.

Just thought we’d get that settled real quick.

Just about every word in conservative parlance is code for some type of bigoted hate speech, including the term “conservative” itself.

Of course, righty bloggers are in a big circle jerk over Rush Limbaugh reaching 20 years of broadcasting. Everyone telling their “first time they heard Rush and fell in love” stories. I remember wht I thought the first time I heard him:

Who the fuck is this bigotted, racist idiot?

Still […]

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The last time I donated to Barack Obama’s campaign I got a couple of pretty cool magnetic bumper stickers. They are nice, thick magnets with a cool design.

Eric told me he got an Obama t-shirt the last time he contributed.

Pretty cool stuff, right?

What do you get when you donate to John McCain’s campaign?

According to his website, if you donate $25 they will let you download the template for a McCain paper airplane.

This got me thinking…

If I am going to print something with my own printer on my own paper, it might […]

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