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Which is it? Is he too inexperienced?

Columbus, OH — Taking dead aim at the Democratic frontrunner, Sen. John McCain rebuked Barack Obama as an “inexperienced candidate” who is making empty promises to the American people of a “holiday from history.”

or too Presidential and popular?

“Barack Obama is the biggest celebrity in the world, comparable to Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton,” Rick Davis, Sen. John McCain’s campaign manager, wrote in an e-mail addressed to interested parties after throwing out a similar line on a conference call with reporters.

Yes, because we all know full […]

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So the House officially apologized for slavery. Hella late and worth getting on the record. I’d also add that it took a Democratic House to do it. But one anonymous wingnut coward (unless his name really is Gordon Gekko) continues to equate his getting taxed with the slavery years in the United States. The illogic being that since he works and has money “taken away” from him in the form of taxes, this is the same as being shackled and working in the fields at the masters plantation:

When is the House going to apologize to me for […]

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Step one:

WASHINGTON (AP) — A House panel Wednesday voted to cite former top White House aide Karl Rove for contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena to answer questions about the dismissals of several federal prosecutors as its Senate counterpart explored punishments for an array of alleged Bush administration misdeeds.

Step two:

Send this traitorous un-American wingnut asshat to jail! It’ll never happen, but one can wish.

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Tim posted this in response to the uppity negro narrative that the right wants to use to discredit Obama. Very powerful way to make this point, Tim! Well done:

How dare a black man say he has “good odds” to win the presidency.

How dare a black man say he has good odds, period.

How dare a black man presume to be a major party’s nominee.

How dare a black man criticize a white man running for president.

How dare a black man call that white man’s lies “unfortunate”.

How dare a black man speak to 200,000 […]

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CodeWeavers will give away its software products if Bush accomplishes any of his goals during the remainder of his presidency. Sounds like a fair deal – and brilliant on several levels. Here’s the challenge:

The CodeWeavers Lame Duck Presidential Challenge will make its software products downloadable for free to all Americans for 24 hours at if President Bush accomplishes at least one of the following goals:

Here are the goals:

CodeWeavers has selected an initial platform of five Lame Duck Goals. All of these represent what we think should be attainable, positive goals for the United States.


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I love the Electric Company style, but this thing needed a serious FAIL graphic at the end. Mix the old school and the new school together. Anyway, you’ll love this:

(ht Dave at PO, who always has good stuff!)

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Tinfoil hats. Conspiracy theorists. That’s what people who argued this war was for oil were called. Um:

Influential former Pentagon official Richard Perle has been exploring going into the oil business in Iraq and Kazakhstan, according to people with knowledge of the matter and documents outlining possible deals.

Mr. Perle, one of a group of security experts who began pushing the case for toppling Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein about a decade ago, has been discussing a possible deal with officials of northern Iraq’s Kurdistan regional government, including its Washington envoy, according to these people and the documents.

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Bush visited a fund-raiser at Umberto Fedeli’s house in
Gates Mills, OH

In case you aren’t familiar with Gates Mills – it’s exactly the kind of place you’d expect a Republican fundraiser to take place…

* 95% white
* 75% married couples
* $161,350 median family income


* $500K+ median home value
* 76% of kids attend private elementary schools

You get the point.

It’s actually quite a nice little village located on the beautiful Chagrin River with very, very little property or violent crime.

Exactly the kind of place […]

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McCain: The Media LOVES HIM!

On July 29, 2008 By

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via MSNBC:

US officials say the Justice Department has indicted Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens (R) on charges related to a long-running investigation of business dealings in Alaska.

The real question is when will he know? Probably not until Thursday or Friday depending on how tangled up the tubes are. Hopefully he’ll get his Internet by then.

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Offshore drilling. The equivalent of of a drug addict trying to figure out a new way to cook crack. It’s not where our focus should be and hasn’t been really for over 30 years now. Carter was right. The solution is not to find more of the stuff that we are addicted to (see latest GWB State of the Union address), but to kick the habit and find a better way.

These are probably the reason that John McCain once scolded the “special interests” that wanted offshore drilling leases and he supported a moratorium. Now McCain wants to […]

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