Barack Obama assassinated, age 46.

That’s what was written down.

It was envisioned. It was contemplated. Then it was written down.

I completely understand controversial and catchy headlines – being a fan of them myself – but this seems to cross a line even with me. I understand the point that Tim is trying to make and it’s no secret he and I are friends and I think he does some of the best stuff around when he’s on.

But it made me sad that he decided to go here. To take what you and I once railed against even for hinting at and turn it into a headline for a post of your own doesn’t sit right with me. There are other ways to make your point and the rest of the post is really very good despite the headline. People will still read it. I’ll still link to it. You’ll still get your point across.

We do all have to be more diligent in calling this shit out and banging away on those who would whisper and insinuate. Whether it be blogger, campaign, surrogate, or candidate, the bigotry and passive racism being whispered and winked is something that we must be diligent about. I don’t really think calling out a big group of bloggers on the left is fair either. We all decide for various reasons what we think is important enough to blog on and that’s an individual decision. We’ve been down this road of “why didn’t you think this important enough to post on” and it always ends badly.

I have no problem with you making your point about the toxic nature of the narrative building on the right.

Just don’t say the “A word”.


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