As far as Republican Senators go, Arlen Specter is certainly one of the better ones.

He’s a moderate who supports women’s reproductive rights and, in a lot of cases, LGBT rights. This quickly brings him out of the wingnut category in my book.

He’s also a Yale Law grad and a former DA (from Philly) who recognizes the immense power entrusted to the Supreme Court and the importance of keeping the court balanced.

Which is pretty damn important given that he is a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee i.e. he’s one of the people entrusted to approve judicial nominations made by the President.

I mention all of this because Mr. Specter just introduced a bill that would finally “permit the televising of Supreme Court proceedings”.

Wow? Really? Transparency? In the Supreme Court? The highest judicial body in the United States?

It’s about fucking time. TV has only been available since the 1930s- right around the time Mr. Specter was born.

I just hope we aren’t going to have to wait another 70 years before those proceedings are available via the internet.