I mean, seriously. Do they smoke crack in meetings? First they criticize Obama for ditching troops in an ad that contains video of him visiting troops, now they put out an ad that when you watch it all you can think is:

“Fuck alot of people come out for Barack Obama”

“He’s the biggest celebrity in the world”

Damn, that’s a HUGE concession that I wouldn’t be willing to make. Joe America is probably going to at least ask “well, if he’s that popular something must be up”. The beginning of this ad almost looks like it could be an Obama ad and the enduring message of it makes you completely ignore the ending. Hell, by the time they are talking about higher gas prices, taxes, and foreign oil I’m still thinking:

“Fuck alot of people come out for Barack Obama”

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  • stunning message discipline!

  • yeah, right? i mean, i want to be in the meetings for the comedy.

    advisor 1: “hey guys. we got this awesome footage of this uppity negro with 200,000 germans filling the streets and waving american flags”

    advisor 2: “let’s put that in our next negative ad!”

    this is about to rise to the level of mike dewine fake smoke on the twin towers!

  • don’t forget the uppity negro wants to fuck your daughter!

  • Just hit a minor jackpot. Found video on YouTube of McCain interview on Fox ‘News’ from April 14. He says in the interview, “Americans want a respectful campaign … People say, negative ads move numbers. They may, but do we have to go to the lowest common denominator? I don’t think so.”

    Saw a flash of this vid on Dan Abrams’ show, can’t believe I found it. Check out the whole post if you’re inclined, I did my best to thrash: http://www.clipsandcomment.com/2008/07/30/mccain%e2%80%99s-desperate-measures-paris-hilton-and-britney-spears/

  • Here it is:

  • Adam

    Republicans are so use to failed foreign policy that they can’t comprehend people from other countries liking our leaders.

  • Adam is right. Germans waving American flags. Who woulda guessed it? But I bet if you read Free Republic they are at this very moment claiming all the flag wavers are Obama staffers.

    Go check. I’ll wait here.

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