So the House officially apologized for slavery. Hella late and worth getting on the record. I’d also add that it took a Democratic House to do it. But one anonymous wingnut coward (unless his name really is Gordon Gekko) continues to equate his getting taxed with the slavery years in the United States. The illogic being that since he works and has money “taken away” from him in the form of taxes, this is the same as being shackled and working in the fields at the masters plantation:

When is the House going to apologize to me for stealing my money and giving it to Sam Donaldson under the guise of mohair subsidies?

I’d hate to have such a skewed view of my country and community and the investments I make in it.

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  • Modern Esquire

    Ugh… Taxes are not “stealing” your money. Does the government have a right to take your money in wage withholdings. Yeah, there’s an entire body of statutes regarding it and it’s for a legal obligation the taxpayer owes.

    You know, it’s not like we ratified an amendment to the Constitution to permit the federal income tax or anything. Hell, if you want, I guess you could set everything up so that they withheld nothing and you can pay everything every April.

    Yeah FICA is no different from being crammed into overcrowded, cramped wooden ships with little food or water as they barely moved across the Atlantic Ocean and then auctioned off like surplus property to pick cotton in the humid, hot South Carolina summer sun and whipped and raped at will. In a system legitimized by the legal system that actually permitted you from being separated by your wife and kids.

    Not even the so called “marriage penalty” actually caused a couple to separate forcibly.

    But other than that, they’re exactly the same thing.

    Oh, and you never got a rebate or an annual refund from slavery.

  • Thanks Modern. Well said.

  • Mike

    Just a side note. The Republicans had nothing to appologize about. They freed the slaves. It was in fact the Democrats who were the slave holders. In the reconstruction era, Republicans werew well hated in the south and Black politicians found a home in the Republican party.

  • Hi Mike. Thanks for stopping by. The point was that we as a nation have something to apologize for and it needed to be on the record. Democrats accomplished this. While it’s true racism does not have a partisan identification (especially historical racism), modern day Republicans sound like the southern Democrats of old – and voted that way.

    Care to comment on the tax analogy?

  • Modern Esquire

    The notion that slavery is a partisan sin and not a national one is laughable on its face. In case you forgot, the Triangle Trade that was the economic engine for slavery including the NE “Republican” economy as well. Those Republicans in the North weren’t unified in being against slavery in all its forms either. There was plenty of house slavery in the North as well.

    Lets also not forget that the industrial revolution in the Northeast (and inventions involved with it such as the cotton gin) increased the economic demand for slavery in the South rather than decreasing it.

    Furthermore the Democratic Party was hardly unified on the issue of slavery. That’s why the term Dixiecrat became part of our nation’s political vocabulary. And let’s also not forget that it was the Republican Party which conspicuously and deliberately engaged in its Southern strategy during the Civil Rights movement to support Jim Crow, segregation, and oppose civil rights for African-Americans. A strategy which lead to growing Republican dominance in the area and lead to the Republican resurgance in 1994.

    In 2005, former RNC Ken Mehlman formally apologized to the NAACP for his party’s “Southern Strategy.”

    So for you to claim that slavery is a partisan sin of the Democratic Party is wrong, morally and factually.

    Slavery is the original sin of America. Deal with it.

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