What’s the old axiom in politics?

When you are explaining, you’re losing

If it were me, I’d just shoot another video lampooning those who made fun of the first clip. Once you decide on a course of action (no matter how silly or potentially embarassing), embrace it! That’s the first rule that both Matt and Mark – and a great many bloggers on the right – don’t get. Of course, given the narrative of “family values” and how “profane” some lefty bloggers are, this particular skit was always gonna be extremely hard to pull off without making those prior arguments null and void. This was also never calculated.

Marks apology/non-apology smacks of them wanting to both have the freedom to be themselves and go nuts AND be taken seriously by establishment Republicans. If it were me, I’d abandon that last goal.

Oh. And if it were me? It’d actually be funny!

Game. Set. Match.

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