What’s the old axiom in politics?

When you are explaining, you’re losing

If it were me, I’d just shoot another video lampooning those who made fun of the first clip. Once you decide on a course of action (no matter how silly or potentially embarassing), embrace it! That’s the first rule that both Matt and Mark – and a great many bloggers on the right – don’t get. Of course, given the narrative of “family values” and how “profane” some lefty bloggers are, this particular skit was always gonna be extremely hard to pull off without making those prior arguments null and void. This was also never calculated.

Marks apology/non-apology smacks of them wanting to both have the freedom to be themselves and go nuts AND be taken seriously by establishment Republicans. If it were me, I’d abandon that last goal.

Oh. And if it were me? It’d actually be funny!

Game. Set. Match.

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  • You can almost envision the damage control meeting in the basement TIB headquarters!

  • Wow, Eric and the gang, that was almost an evenhanded post you wrote. Look, we made a mistake. We miscalculated. And just so you know, we aren’t taken seriously by the establishment. If we were, well, we would have more influence with what they actually do. I think blogs should have the right to both have fun as well as inform, which you guys over here do from time to time. While my words were extreme for me, I don’t think it nullfys the argument about using f-bombs and what not. Suggestion vs. actual, I guess. Look, flame away on me. That’s fine and fair game. I knew that when I went in. However, I just wanted to say thanks for your words that were serious.

    Oh yeah, some of that stuff was a little funny, come on now…

    And, if I may offer a critique of a video I ahve seen, I believe over here…involving Blumer and others you lampooned. That was pretty funny until it got to Blumer using the N word. He would never do that. Tom is a good guy, even if you don’t agree with his politics or what he writes.

    OK, back to our back and forth.

    You guys suck.


    And, just so you know, no damage control meeting. Just a decision. And like you, I could give a flying leap what Naugle thinks, he is a gasbag.

  • Fair enough, Mark. I’m glad that you agree that we should have fun from time to time. PB is known for that. I think the arguments against cursing are overplayed by your side. If you are going to say “frick”, why not say fuck? It’s just a word. If you are already saying “frick” and self censoring, you really want to say fuck but are scared to. The only reason we do that is our Puritanical heritage has shamed us into not being able to express ourselves correctly.

    But we can agree to fucking disagree there, I guess. 😉

    All of my words are serious – even the sarcastic ones.

    We do agree on Naugle.

    I really didn’t find anything funny in the video other than the obvious “funny because it’s not” that I’ve already commented on.

    Honestly? I’d rather you just left the video up and continued doing what it is you do and not apologize for it. You guys would be much more fun if you did that. But I do understand the image you want to try to uphold.

    As for Blumer, I once bought into that notion that he might be a “good guy” and even so much as complimented him before. I could probably see having a beer with the guy, but after much evidence and especially his recent 6 degrees of why Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a terrorist, I’m gonna stick with the not good guy thing for a while.

  • Mark

    OK, this is scary….we are agreeing on WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much.

    I mean, I might lose my conservative street cred, but I dig Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Sam Kinnison, Dice Clay. Do I think I should be playing them for little kids? No. However, I do think those of us on the right do get to be a little crazy on this issue.

    I mean, my side is supposedly the side that says, free market of ideas, etc., but then we get all hot and bothered by some of this stuff. Me, I just change the channel.

    The thing that gets me about Naugle is he engages in some of the most hateful blogging around, then says things like “im a happy warrior” and compares himself to class acts like tony snow. That is b.s.

    OK, again, we are agreeing on way too much. Detente sucks, and so do you.

    Have a nice day, but I still hope your guy loses.

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