Bush visited a fund-raiser at Umberto Fedeli’s house in
Gates Mills, OH

In case you aren’t familiar with Gates Mills – it’s exactly the kind of place you’d expect a Republican fundraiser to take place…

* 95% white
* 75% married couples
* $161,350 median family income


* $500K+ median home value
* 76% of kids attend private elementary schools

You get the point.

It’s actually quite a nice little village located on the beautiful Chagrin River with very, very little property or violent crime.

Exactly the kind of place you want to raise your kids – if you can afford it- and exactly the kind of place a Republican would get out of his limousine and take pictures with a 91-year old woman who happened to be sitting in a lawn chair a few doors down from his fundraiser.

Here’s a picture from the PD of Bush showing off his crotch to the cameras in Gates Mills…

Nothing but class, that George Bush.

You want to know where Bush didn’t get out of his car?


Which is funny, because Euclid was his primary destination.

Euclid is where he toured the Lincoln Electric plant – and then spoke to plant workers (no questions, please) about how the Democrats are fucking up their lives.

It’s also where many of the Lincoln Electric workers likely live. Or at least similiar to the towns where they live.

I promise you one thing: NONE of them live in Gates Mills.

But that’s George Bush for you. Actually, that’s pretty much the Republican party, if you want my opinion: I want to help you- but I’m sure as fuck not getting out of my car in your neighborhood unless you are going to contribute tons of cash to the Republican party.

  • If he really wanted to make a statement about being of and for and by the people, Bush would have met the first Euclid city councilperson ever who is a person of color, and he would have talked about how her winning, after SCOTUS said that Euclid had to institute a different ward and election system, shows how democracy is supposed to work – although it should have happened a long long long time ago.

    And just to be a bigger sourpuss on him, he is pictured as meeting with a women in Chagrin Falls who does some work on behalf of getting screening for low-income women re: breast cancer. Problem is, there’s little money to help those women with health care costs if they’re screening indicates that they have cancer.

    How’s about a little about that Mr. President?

  • Lori Kostreba

    I promise YOU one thing. Some of us lowly Lincoln employees DO live in Gates Mills, and Pepper Pike and Chagrin Falls, and Willoughby and just about every other city in the area…so what! Mr. Bush was on a time schedule to get to Lincoln, if the fundraiser was at my house in Willoughby I do believe he would have taken a picture with my 87 year old grand father. He’s not responsible for every problem in the world – how about that ….Blunderbund website!!!!! Quit whining and complaining and do something positive yourself. Obviously you are nothing but class so maybe the next fundraiser for the next president can be at your house.

  • Pat

    What a crock! If Euclid had a fund raiser, no doubt he would have appeared there as well. But no! The “I hate Bush’ crowd has to whine about non-existant disses!

    Did the Euclid City Council invite President Bish to meet with them? NO!

    BTW, Euclid had to redraw it’s voting wards (by order of the Bush Dept. of Justice) to ALLOW a person of color to be a Councilperson!

    Gad you guys are pathetic!

  • Pat

    BTW… I LIVE in Euclid! So I recognize your virulant posts as pure empty rhetoric!

  • Pat

    PS….you guys gonna mention Jimmy DiMora’s (Democrat)home in Gates Mills and the investigation of public corruption?

  • Doug

    I too live in Euclid, and I am no fan of W. What his low-income supporters (i.e., those making less than $0.5MM) have to realize is, W and the rest of the Republican Party have been cynically manipulating them for the past seven years. Bush and his ilk don’t give a sh*t about you; he just wants your vote so he can provide his wealthy supporters with nore tax breaks and government contracts. Wake up, white trash! You’re being used like cheap wh*res.

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