Full circle in the matter of a day. Let’s run down the sequence of events, shall we?

1. Matt Hurley at WMD posts a video of his partner Mark attempting humor and failing miserably

2. I post and link to it

3. Matt pulls the post down from WMD

4. I have email exchange with Matt inquiring about the disappearance

5. Video is pulled from YouTube

6. I have email exchange with Matt inquiring about this latest development, asking if he needs my backup copy

7. I upload backup copy to YouTube and post it again

8. Matt Naugle comments, then posts at his own blog and calls WMD “WEAPONS OF MORONIC DUNDERHEADS

Pretty much the definition of a good day in the lefty ‘sphere.

Is this inside ohio blogospheric baseball? You bet. Did we pitch a no hitter? Yup. 😉

(also commenting is Tim at Blogger Interrupted)

  • Weapons of Moronic Dunderheads. Boy am I gonna wear that shit out!

  • Matt N.

    I’m the king of vile?

  • there is none higher

    sucker wingnuts

    should call you sire

  • Matt N.

    On the contrary! I’m a happy warrior.

  • OK, NAMBLA boy…

  • matty, i think you’re so hot when you’re oblivious.

  • Typical wRong wingnut whackos spewing the elephant dung propaganda !

    Looks like Cheney needs to take the ‘boys’ hunting !





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