I have no idea what John McCain was doing during his March visit to Europe. Probably out buying some slippers or something. What I DO know is that he wasn’t visiting wounded troops in Landstuhl, Germany. The question the right may want to ask themselves is why does John McCain hate the wounded troops so?

All of this is perfectly understandable. His agenda probably didn’t bring him close so it was not planned. He was in Paris, Berlin, and London. None of those are anywhere near Landstuhl:

What did John McCain choose to do over visiting the honorable men and women of our armed forces who so bravely put their lives on the line for us each and every day?

Wait for it…

Waaaait for it…

He decided to have a $1,000-$2,300 a plate luncheon fundraiser for his campaign. That’s what John McCain decided to do. John McCain decided to blow off wounded troops in order to raise thousands of dollars from Brits for his Presidential campaign.

You wingnuts got anything else for us? Really? Because so far this shit is way too easy.

(ht Jed Report)

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