From the daily archives: Sunday, July 27, 2008

Update 2: The video has been salvaged!

Update: Sadly, they’ve decided to pull the video. It is no longer available. But never fear! Uncle Eric is here! Details forthcoming.

Probably not the kind of pure hilarity they were aiming for, but pure hilarity still. I am so anxious for episode 2! Kinda jonesin’ already for it.

I’d comment, but I’m speechless.

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I have no idea what John McCain was doing during his March visit to Europe. Probably out buying some slippers or something. What I DO know is that he wasn’t visiting wounded troops in Landstuhl, Germany. The question the right may want to ask themselves is why does John McCain hate the wounded troops so?

All of this is perfectly understandable. His agenda probably didn’t bring him close so it was not planned. He was in Paris, Berlin, and London. None of those are anywhere near Landstuhl:

What did John McCain choose to do over visiting the honorable […]

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Last word on the hypocrisy of McCain’s attacks against Obama for a trip he dared him to take. We’ve already established that McCain took a similar trip with similar motivations (paid for not by campaign funds like Obama, but with taxpayer money). I’m glad Obama is making the point I’ve made here with the last few posts:

“I was puzzled by this notion that somehow what we were doing was in any way different from what Senator McCain or a lot of presidential candidates have done in the past,” Obama said.

“Now, I admit we did it really well,” […]

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Audition for what? Senator? He’s already one of those. Oh! They are talking about campaigning for the President of the United States.

Sen. John McCain will step off a plane in Iraq this weekend to see firsthand the effects of the troop increase that he has championed and that his presidential ambitions are tied to, at the outset of a week-long series of private meetings with Middle Eastern and European leaders that will be as much an overseas audition as it is political theater aimed at voters in the United States.

His strategists believe that the image […]

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Sounds “campaigny” to me:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – John McCain, the Republican candidate for U.S. president, plans to travel to Europe and the Middle East for 10 days in mid-March as part of a congressional delegation, officials familiar with the trip said on Sunday.

McCain, an Arizona senator, is staking his claim on the presidency based on his national security experience, and his foreign trip will play into that theme.

Should taxpayers get a refund?

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More on the hypocrisy that is John McCain and the GOP:

The trip is officially Senate business, during the Easter break for Capitol Hill, but it is very much aimed at burnishing his foreign policy credentials ahead of the election in November.

Again, if you find the wingnut blog posts flailing about regarding this political trip, please let me know so I can kindly link them. 😉

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Again, please point out the wingnut blogger posts decrying this use of TAXPAYER dollars in order to both raise money and get photo oppportunities with key international leaders as the Democratic Primary kept going:

McCain aides privately admit they are looking forward to the photo opportunities with McCain and world leaders while the Democrats are fighting with one another.

Anyone? Anyone?


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Please direct me to the outrage among our friends on the right back in March when John McCain held fucking FUNDRAISERS while in Europe on a trip very similar to Obama’s recent one. If holding actual campaign fundraisers during a trip abroad doesn’t smack of a political – instead of fact-finding – trip I don’t know what does.

McCain’s campaign has sent out an invitation for a March 20 luncheon at Spencer House — the neo-classical home built for an ancestor of Diana, the late Princess of Wales — “by kind permission of Lord Rothschild OM GBE and […]

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PolickerOH has named this week’s winners and losers. Ted Strickland is a winner:

The governor is picking off incumbent Repubilcans in competitive legislative seats by offering them jobs in his administration.

It’s really fun to beat your opponent at their own game. Gaming the system is, indeed, the game of the Ohio GOP.

Stivers and the GOP are losers:

They really missed the boat by accusing Kilroy of using a body-double in a parade. (link added)

That wingnut after wingnut blogger hopped on this thing makes it even sweeter.

I’d also mention that Naug […]

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3 days straight now. From 6, to 7, to 9. I don’t put alot of stock in the numbers themselves, but the trend cannot be ignored. I’d also point out that McCain has never lead in this particular poll.

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This new ad has several things wrong with it. The biggest thing may be that it paints McCain a huge hypocrite. Here’s the ad:

What John McCain said in May of 2007:

“How can we possibly find honor in using the fate of our servicemen to score political advantage in Washington? There is no pride to be had in such efforts. We are at war, a hard and challenging war, and we do no service for the best of us — those who fight and risk all on our behalf — by playing politics with their service.”

Playing politics […]

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