From the daily archives: Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dear Senator Vitter,

During summer break I suggest you find a 9th grade Government summer school class to attend. You know- the one where they teach you about the different branches of our government and what they do.

You seem to have forgotten that the Supreme court is the guardian and interpreter of the Constitution- not the Senate.

And when the Supreme Court rules on something really important like, say, the death penalty, well maybe you should trust that the justices are a little smarter than you and know a little more about the constitution.

Hell, it seems to me […]

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Seriously. Dude can’t catch a break:

John McCain was struck with a bit of unfortunate timing on Friday when his speech touting the security benefits of the surge was preceded by news of the death of eight civilians, including a pro-American leader of the Sunni Awakening, in a suicide bombing in Iraq.


And speaking of message, this is stunning as well:

Earlier this week, the Arizona Republican’s campaign claimed that had “Barack Obama had had his way, the Sheiks who started the Awakening would have been murdered at the hands of al Qaeda.” Their reference — Abdul Sattar Abu […]

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