He’s at it again. Though quiet mostly just after the New Yorker cover, Tom Blumer is “bizzy” trying to hint that Obama is a terrorist. Wink wink. Nudge nudge:

Here’s more proof (as if needed) that the ingrates who don’t like how I use Barack Obama’s middle name don’t appreciate the favor I do for him on a mostly-daily basis.

Scott Whitlock at NewsBusters reports that columnist Thomas Friedman of the quickly-contracting New York Times told Good Morning America’s Diane Sawyer the following:

I was in Cairo a few weeks ago. And one of things that was so striking is how impressed Egyptians were, simply with the prospect that after 9/11, Americans might actually elect a man whose middle name was Hussein.

Well, if Egyptian pride is to mean anything, Americans simply must know that the presidential candidate with the middle name Hussein actually HAS the middle name Hussein.

I am pleased to continue providing such a valuable service, and encourage others to assist in this important endeavor. :–>

Since he conveniently ignored the New Yorker story, I thought I’d make it easy on Tom and provide him with a nice site graphic he can use. Feel free to download and display proudly on your site, Tom. You motherfucker you. 160 pixel width, which I think will work perfectly on BizzyBlog.com.

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  • save us from barack, blumer. please.

  • you forgot the trrist video!

  • Fred

    Well, we all know Tim is a terrorist, or at least an offender, or has he forgot to register? Glad that I get those updates of where you are from the sheriff, so I can make sure children are safe from you and your prederelictions for filth.

    You guys are pathetic with the projection of racism. Guys like blumer continue to use the H word because it gets your goat. They don’t think obama is a terrorist, even if his anti surge stance would have helped islamofascism. They use it because it gets you sad sacks in a pc tizzy.

    it is hilarious that you get mad at someone for using someone’s middle name, but get ticked when people call you on having the vocabulary of a drunken five dollar hooker addicted to crack.

    Well, I guess your moms did teach you something after all.

  • Fred (anonymous wingnut coward using email address freddiemac@yahoo.com and having IP address from Hamilton, Ohio), Thanks for visiting Plunderbund.

    First, fuck off with the ad hominem attacks against Tim. It shows not only a lack of vocabulary, but a lack of creativity in commenting and a lower brain function. This one, in particular, is particularly inaccurate and could land you in some trouble. You’ve been warned.

    Nobody is projecting anything. That is wishful thinking on your part. Guys like Blumer are rightwing scum, the kind that we are currently cleaning off the bottom of the pool.

    Tom DOES, in fact, not only use the word Hussein to get our goat (much as I call him a motherfucker to get his), but he also has posted that he thinks there is an actual Obama/Al Queda LINK. Read the fucking post nitwit!


    My mom taught me not to put up with bullshit. I follow that directive very closely here and elsewhere. I won’t put up with Tom’s and especially not yours.

    I will also warn you as an anonymous troll that further comments may be edited or deleted. You’ve been warned.

    PS – We can compare vocabulary any day. I say fuck and motherfucker for effect. Working?

  • J-Dog

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think Fred should have a conjugal visit with Jessica, the racist Obama doll-lovin’ chick from the Carolinas.

  • Agreed. He’d have to look up the term conjugal first though.

  • J-Dog

    Just so long as his mother doesn’t look it up first. She might get jealous!

  • Fred

    As your friend J-dog said in another post, what does it matter who i am? And isn’t just calling me a coward the easy way out? Hmm? Sucks to have your own friend’s words turned on you, doesn’t it?

    What I find amazing here is the typical liberal behavior of defending the criminal over others. Tell me, how do you feel about Timmy’s victim(s)? What about them? Hmm?

  • Difference is I know who J-Dog is, so it doesn’t matter to me. My guess is you wouldn’t be quit so flip with the smears if you used your actual identity. It’s common in the sphere. We do usually find out who people are though, so tread lightly my friend. 😉

    PS – “Timmy” doesn’t have any victims you stupid fucking idiot. Do some damned research before you come here with your lies and smears. You’ll get destroyed.

  • btw, comment 8 wound up in spam, which is probably where it belongs. good filter!

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