Whoops. So much for another wingnut talking point:

Chief Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell confirmed to Politico that Department of Defense officials cautioned Barack Obama’s campaign that his planned visit to wounded American troops in Germany could not be political in nature and that he would be barred from bringing along campaign staff and reporters. He also said that Cindy McCain recently requested to visit sailors aboard the U.S.N.S. Comfort and was denied.

Foiled again! So Obama didn’t “choose shopping over the troops”, you idiots. He chose to follow rules. Damn conservatives are stupid.

  • Fred

    As usual, you only see what you want. If Barry really wanted to visit the troops, he could have…WITHOUT A CAMERA CREW. However, since he only wanted the troops as props for a photo op, he declined. He still could have visited them and thanked them for their service. No, instead, no photo op, no troop visit. Nice try at spin, but wrong again.

    Oh, and I must say that I do thank you for saying that it is an evenhanded policy by DoD, as you gave the Cindy McCain example. Maybe you are learning at bit after all.

  • [buzzer sound] Wrong again Fred! Surprise! The DoD treatment of the Obama campaign was far from evenhanded…unless you consider their springing the reminder on them at the last minute on Wednesday. I’m sure they gave Cindy more notice.

    The fact is, if he HAD visited troops your dumbass would be whining about how he “used” the troops for a photo-op. So what does it matter? Those of your ilk were gonna snipe anyway.

    Let’s just concentrate on who actually DOES more for the troops from a policy standpoint, eh? Wanna do that? I’m gonna bet no.

    I don’t have a problem with the DoD policy at all, but I do have problems when it is applied differently. The GOP thinks it owns the military, but that is far from true. It will become clearer the farther we go in the process.

    So I assume when we see a GOPer in a photo with troops you will cry loudly? Right?

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