Watching Hardball tonight I was shocked to hear Chris Matthews describe Governor Ted Strickland as Anti-Abortion…

“While the Governor’s message resonates with blue collar workers”, says Chris. “His anti-abortion stance – anti abortion-rights stance – could hurt him with women in the party”

Here’s the video:

Obviously this is a mistake on the part of the Hardball research staff.

Ted’s stance on abortion certainly isn’t the same as my ‘all-access, all the time’ belief. But it hardly qualifies as “anti-abortion rights”. And it certainly hasn’t scared away any female voters as far as I know.

A better description of his beliefs would probably be “rare, safe and legal”- which is pretty damn progressive for a Methodist minister from Apalachia.

  • Matt N.

    Methodist ministers are typically liberal.

    But considering who Strickland dated at Shawnee State, he never had to worry about pregnancy.

  • J-Dog

    Matt — Have you ever even been to a Methodist church? Your never-ending quest to find a Liberal in a Woodpile has reached new heights. Methodists are among the most conservative, Bible-thumpers around, this side of Baptists. Get a grip!

  • Matt N.

    Who are you, J-Dogg? I’ve seen you comment about me but you’re a coward for being so anonymous.

    I would certainly question Strickland’s understanding of theology. The United Methodist Church is EXTREMELY LIBERAL with their politics on homosexuality, abortion, economics, et cetera. As a Catholic, I take issue with Protestantism on a number of levels, but I have deep respect for any form of Christianity which teaches the importance of defending unborn children.

    How long was Ted Strickland a minister at Flip Wilson’s Church of What’s Happening Now?

  • J-Dog

    What difference does it make who I am? If I told you it really wouldn’t matter. I’m just an ordinary tax payer in northern Ohio, and you’re a crazy neo-con in Columbus. Didn’t know that precluded us from debating.

    It’s sickening how when a neo-con is exposed for ignorance that their first line of defense is by blowing back and calling those who disagree with them a “coward.”

    For your own good, Matt, try visiting a Methodist church. Pick about any one in Northwest Ohio and I think you’ll find that the congregants are even more conservative than you…even as it relates to abortion and homosexuality. By the way, I’ve not known churches to take official stands on “economics” so I don’t know where that comes from. However, I am pretty certain that the Methodists would not appreciate your golf club tirade, even against false idols.

  • Fred

    Mr. Naugle is correct in that the larger, national UMC is liberal…However, in the West Ohio Conference, which his area is contained in, he is incorrect. While some in leadership of the Conference are more liberal, most people are conservative, so I will have to cede that point to “J-dog.”

    Now, as to Strickland, as someone who used to live in his district, he has said himself that he is “pro-life.” So, J-Dog, you are confirming what I thought later having read speeches of his in Washington that he is in fact fully pro choice (while not as stalwart as you, according to your post). Shows that people in his district, many of whom are pro lifers, needed to have gotten more fully educated about Teddy and not believe the hype. Hype we are all paying for now….Turn around ohio, yeah right.

    Oh, and you think I am in Hamilton? hahahaha, try again.

  • J-Dog


    Thanks for backing me up on a small point. As for Ted and abortion, it may come as a big shock to you and Matt N., but many of us do not rely on a candidate’s position on abortion as a litmus test. It’s way down on my list. I’ve voted for pro-choice and anti-choice candidates before; I vote for who I believe will do the greater good. I actually voted for more Republicans in Fall ’07 than Democrats, and that was a first (and likely last) anomoly for me.

    As for Matt N.’s questioning of Strickland’s “understanding” of theology, I find that extremely arrogant and galling. The man has a theology degree from an accredited seminary. I highly doubt that Matt N. does. How does Matt N. all of a sudden carry the credentials to “question” someone’s “understanding?” I guess Rush Limbaugh got away with it with only a high school diploma, but that ought to be the exception, rather than the rule.

  • Matt N.

    Dominus vobiscum

  • @1: He who resembles a retarded Cro-Magnon has little room to take shots at others. Really.

    @3: Um. You’re a coward and you’re NOT anonymous. Which is worse?

    Speaking of anonymous. Uh, Fred. Hi. What’s up? Where you from? Your IP resolves to Hamilton, Ohio – yes.

    Both Matt and Fred are wrong in their characterizations – as most wingnuts are who argue abortion. There is absolutely no reason someone can’t be both pro-life and pro-choice. The two positions never were mutually exclusive. Therein lies the rub. Those who let them paint them in that corner suffer at their own hands.

    No such thing as “pro-abortion”. That position doesn’t exist.

    Fred, Matt’s an idiot. It’s pretty well established at this point. He’s got alot of Limbaugh in him though. El Senor Taco!

  • Dang — Matthews’ research staff must be on vacay … the wonderful thing about Uncle T is that he’s the only guy that can got to a pro-choice rally in clerical collar wearing his shootin’ iron.

    Oh, and is the Matt N. postin up in the paint here today, Naugle? WTF, Matt. Since you outed yourself as a Catholic, it’s obvious why you don’t know anything about protestant denominations. The Methodists are a fairly conservative bunch. The social justice wing of the Catholic church is much more ‘liberal’ than the average United Methodist Church here in Cent Ohio.

    Fred, thanks for stoppin’ by. If Ted “By God” Strickland ever portrayed himself as ‘pro-life’ it’s to point out the idiocy of the moniker ‘pro-life.’ Who in the hiatus is ‘pro-death’ other than Hitler, Pol-Pot, etc. The other thing about ‘pro-life’ is that most pro-lifers are pro-death penalty. How can you pro-life and pro-death at the same time. Wake up America and visit

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  • J-Dog

    All of this is really unimportant compared with the Indians’ blockbuster trade of Casey “Strand ’em on the bases” Blake to the LA Dodgers. The trade was about 3 years overdue.

  • Lee

    This is one of the best articles I’ve seen that exposes Chris Matthews for the idiot he is:

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