From the daily archives: Friday, July 25, 2008

Watching Hardball tonight I was shocked to hear Chris Matthews describe Governor Ted Strickland as Anti-Abortion…

“While the Governor’s message resonates with blue collar workers”, says Chris. “His anti-abortion stance – anti abortion-rights stance – could hurt him with women in the party”

Here’s the video:

Obviously this is a mistake on the part of the Hardball research staff.

Ted’s stance on abortion certainly isn’t the same as my ‘all-access, all the time’ belief. But it hardly qualifies as “anti-abortion rights”. And it certainly hasn’t scared away any female voters as far as I know.

A better description of […]

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PRINCETON, NJ — Barack Obama has expanded his lead over John McCain in the Tuesday through Thursday Gallup Poll Daily tracking rolling average, and now has a 47% to 41% advantage over his Republican challenger.

I’m admittedly not a big poll watcher at this stage in elections. I find them utterly useless, actually. I do like to watch for bumps and try to relate that to narratives or events of a given week, though. Obviously Obama’s overseas trip comes to mind here. Hard to say this is a bump from that – we’ll have to wait until next week […]

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Whoops. So much for another wingnut talking point:

Chief Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell confirmed to Politico that Department of Defense officials cautioned Barack Obama’s campaign that his planned visit to wounded American troops in Germany could not be political in nature and that he would be barred from bringing along campaign staff and reporters. He also said that Cindy McCain recently requested to visit sailors aboard the U.S.N.S. Comfort and was denied.

Foiled again! So Obama didn’t “choose shopping over the troops”, you idiots. He chose to follow rules. Damn conservatives are stupid.

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He’s at it again. Though quiet mostly just after the New Yorker cover, Tom Blumer is “bizzy” trying to hint that Obama is a terrorist. Wink wink. Nudge nudge:

Here’s more proof (as if needed) that the ingrates who don’t like how I use Barack Obama’s middle name don’t appreciate the favor I do for him on a mostly-daily basis.

Scott Whitlock at NewsBusters reports that columnist Thomas Friedman of the quickly-contracting New York Times told Good Morning America’s Diane Sawyer the following:

I was in Cairo a few weeks ago. And one of things that was so […]

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John McCain is playing checkers. That wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem so long as it were good checkers – and it’s not. Oh, and the fact that the Obama campaign is playing chess. Checkers requires good strategy and solid moves. Chess requires a mastery of the game and imagination.

This past weeks proves that there is a difference in how the two are playing the game. On the one hand you have the Obama camp’s absolutely stunning move to host his acceptance speech in an outdoor arena open to all, which will no doubt fill to a capacity 75,000 […]

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Here it is, your juxtapost:

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