Teehee. That ought to get the righties in a tizzy. Back from a 10 day vacation and much to catch up on (so watch tomorrow for my flood of posts – lol). Had to just post this real quick, which is just great:

Yet, while workmanlike, if occasionally inspiring (the line about “rejecting torture and standing for the rule of law” received a particularly loud ovation), the speech lacked the rhetorical flourishes, the vivid imagery or unmistakable passion that would have made it genuinely historic; in that respect, it was, in the end, more Reagan than JFK.

The full speech:

McCain answers by having a Bahama Mama at Schmidt’s, saying (we think) “Fuck you Barack. You might be giving some big speech in Berlin, but I HAD A BAHAMA MAMA BEOTCH!”

(ht Dave at PO)

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