From the daily archives: Thursday, July 24, 2008

Teehee. That ought to get the righties in a tizzy. Back from a 10 day vacation and much to catch up on (so watch tomorrow for my flood of posts – lol). Had to just post this real quick, which is just great:

Yet, while workmanlike, if occasionally inspiring (the line about “rejecting torture and standing for the rule of law” received a particularly loud ovation), the speech lacked the rhetorical flourishes, the vivid imagery or unmistakable passion that would have made it genuinely historic; in that respect, it was, in the end, more Reagan than JFK.

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John wanted to do a big photo op on an oil rig in the gulf. He had devised a narrative and he wanted a big media event to go along with it. The GOP has for weeks been saying drilling was the answer to our oil addiction, which is akin to saying growing more tobacco is the cure for your lung cancer. They’ve also been pushing a talking point myth that Hurricane Katrina caused no major oil spills or damage to offshore rigs.

First a quick McCain flip flop which will set the stage quite well:

During his […]

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