Yesterday I posted about some potentially scandalous activities in the past of Don Michael Crites, the Ohio GOP’s candidate for AG.

Matt Naugle was quick to respond, saying that “the wording and lack of sourcing” of my post makes him “believe that someone in Democrat circles is feeding [me] the information.”

It’s pretty funny that Matt “i’ll-post-any-rumor-and-eventually-one-will-be-true” Naugle is accusing me of “lack of sourcing”, but I guess he does have a point; I didn’t include a reference to the source of the information in my original post.

In this case the information was from an article in the Plain Dealer published on October 6, 1991. I found it using a subscription news service. If it was avaialable without a subscription I certainly would have posted the link.

For future reference, I make every effort to verify the information I post – even if I am a bit biased in the way I choose to use that information. And if i can’t verify it, I’m damn sure to note that in my post.

It also seems worth mentioning that if some inner circle Democratic operative was going to feed information to a blogger, it sure as fuck wouldn’t be me.

Thankfully, the Dispatch blog just backed up my story AND they included a link! (thanks James).

Sure, this isn’t much of a scandal as far as scandals go. But it hardly matters. Crites is totally unknown and has little chance of beating Cordray with or without a scandal.