Much speculation has been surrounding McCain and how he will not only climb out of his doldrums of a week (hell week, really) and maybe offset Obama’s planned speech in Berlin. Many have been talking of a VP pick. Latest fuel for the fire involves our own buckeye state. Taegan Goddard has this:

Will McCain pick his running mate on Thursday?

Could it be former Rep. Rob Portman (R-OH)? Or perhaps it’s former Rep. John Kasich (R-OH)?

I think either of these picks would be just fabulous. Big time ho hum appeal. I hope he does do this, though I doubt they’d sink to this level of desperation. Let Obama have his overseas trip you dared him to do. Haha. We got miles to go before we sleep.


Where my Cbus insider peeps at?

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  • evie

    As much as I’d love for them to announce tomorrow, not even the McCain campaign is incompetant enough to do so. It’s a head-fake.

  • J-Dog

    My Veep pick for McCain has got to be Krazy Kenny Blackwell. Captain 37% would be a perfect fit for McCain and the Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight. As an added bonus, they would sew up that critical NAMBLA vote!!!

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