From the daily archives: Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Much speculation has been surrounding McCain and how he will not only climb out of his doldrums of a week (hell week, really) and maybe offset Obama’s planned speech in Berlin. Many have been talking of a VP pick. Latest fuel for the fire involves our own buckeye state. Taegan Goddard has this:

Will McCain pick his running mate on Thursday?

Could it be former Rep. Rob Portman (R-OH)? Or perhaps it’s former Rep. John Kasich (R-OH)?

I think either of these picks would be just fabulous. Big time ho hum appeal. I hope he does do this, […]

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Yesterday I posted about some potentially scandalous activities in the past of Don Michael Crites, the Ohio GOP’s candidate for AG.

Matt Naugle was quick to respond, saying that “the wording and lack of sourcing” of my post makes him “believe that someone in Democrat circles is feeding [me] the information.”

It’s pretty funny that Matt “i’ll-post-any-rumor-and-eventually-one-will-be-true” Naugle is accusing me of “lack of sourcing”, but I guess he does have a point; I didn’t include a reference to the source of the information in my original post.

In this case the information was from an article in […]

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The conservative group Citizens United is running an ad for their new documentary called Hype: The Obama Effect.

The ad features Ken Blackwell and members of the media – like Tucker Carslson and Dick Morris – basically attacking the media for their pro-Obama bias. Here’s the ad:

My initial thoughts on the film are this:

1. Ken Blackwell is a total tool. A washed-up politician who no one takes seriously. The ONLY reason he is included in this ad and documentary is because he is one of the few African Americans who will actually speak out negatively about […]

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