The Dispatch is reporting that the Ohio GOP FINALLY has a candidate for AG: Don Michael Crites.

I did a little research and it turns out that Mr. Crites has some scandals in his past that sound surprisingly similiar to the stuff we just left behind with Marc Dann.

In 1991 Crites, serving as the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, hired a woman named Brenda L Dodrill as an assistant U.S. attorney “despite the fact that she had been licensed to practice law only since November 1988 and had no trial experience.”

And why would he do that? Because Dodrill was sleeping with Columbus Mayor Buck Rinehart who was still married to his wife Carol at the time.

Sex scandals. Hiring inexperienced friends. I thought we’d put all that behind us.

  • J-Dog

    Was this information readily available via Google, or where did you get it? Just curious. Wondered if the Republicans have heard of vetting yet? Apparently not!

  • It’s from an article published in the Plain Dealer on October 6, 1991.

    The title of the article is “U.S. ATTORNEY’S ENDORSEMENT MAY BE ILLEGAL”

    oops… i think I just gave away part 2. 🙂

  • J-Dog

    Golly! It’s that easy, eh? If this gets out, I’ll bet ALL the Republicans will start doing back ground checks! heh!

    By the way, Pete Rose got hosed!

  • MM

    First, Pete Rose was a scumbag and deserved everything he got and second, unless your posting has incomplete information, there do not appear to have been allegations of sex between the hiring office-holder and the alledgedly “inexperienced” employee. I thought it was Mayor Buck who engaged in the hanky panky back then, but now somehow you seem to be saying that it was not Buck? Were all those Dispatch articles wrong back then and Buck really wasn’t doing that?

  • I think my post was pretty clear.

    * Brenda Dodrill was Buck Rinehart’s mistress

    * Dodrill was an inexperienced lawyer with no trial experience

    * Crites hired Dodrill as an assistant U.S. attorney

    Here’s part of the original article, in case you are interested:

    Crites raised the eyebrows of politicians throughout Columbus in May, when he hired Rinehart’s fiancee, Brenda L. Dodrill, then Columbus human services director, as an assistant U.S. attorney despite the fact that she had been licensed to practice law only since November 1988 and had no trial experience.

    Crites’ hiring of Dodrill followed a withering spate of publicity that accompanied Rinehart’s denials, and subsequent admission, that he and Dodrill had been having an extramarital affair. News reports about the affair – the second sex scandal Rinehart has endured in public office – caused Rinehart to announce that he would not seek another term because “the only route to victory, if there was such a road, lay across a bloody battlefield.”

  • I thought today was the worst day thus far in Election ’08 for the Republicans. First, Governor Ted Strickland essentially won two Ohio House races today by appointing two Republicans to state jobs. Then they get an AG candidate nobody’s heard anything about since the 1980s. Tomorrow may be ‘worser’ when Crites withdraws. Cronyism tinged with adultery won’t be the winning combination this year …

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  • J-Dog

    Assistant US Attorney is NOT an entry-level attorney position. Regardless of who the freshly minted attorney is who gets a position, you really have to wonder who they’re sleeping with or who their daddy is.

    This is the absolute LAST thing we need to have going on in the AG’s office, and I don’t give a damn who the AG is or what party the AG represents.

    By the way, MM, the Pete Rose comment was gratuitous and designed to yank the chain of people like you. Just wanted to see who all was reading…

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  • Right From the Start

    Is Brenda Dodrill the same person as Brenda Rinehart — Buck’s wife now of 17 years?

  • Yes, Mr/Ms Start.

    It’s the same women. The second women (that we know of) that Buck had an affair with while in office and the one he left his wife Carol for.

    Did I forget to mention that Brenda was also married at the time?

    Her marriage ended with some a messy and very public divorce from her husband after news of her affair of over 7 months with Rinehart was revealed.

    I’m very glad they are still together. But it doesn’t change the facts.

  • J-Dog

    Okay, Joseph, so when do we get Part 2? Fat Matt’s response to Part 1 was rather underwhelming, so I can’t wait for the sequel!

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