From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So while the right was awaiting the big gaffe from Obama’s “dangerous” trip to Iraq, something strange happened:

Wait, the what border? Iraq/Pakistan? Iran may have something to say about that.

Or maybe we’ll talk about the surge:

Sorry, what? Having fun yet? The collection of McCain gaffes is growing quite large and nobody has them better covered than The Carpetbagger Report:

* McCain continues to believe Czechoslovakia is still a country.

* McCain has been confused about the difference between Sudan and Somalia.

* McCain has been confused about whether he wants […]

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Consider This a Juxtapost

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Obama in Iraq:

McCain in Kennebunkport:

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Obama will have a $100 million month

Obama will win in November and it won’t really be close

Remember who told ya. 😉

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It’s Not The Staff Stupid

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Addressing the Republican presidential candidate during his town-hall forum in New Hampshire Tuesday, a woman identified herself as a volunteer for his campaign, and said she had come to believe it was time McCain hires a new staff in the state.

“You’ve got to make some changes,” the woman told McCain. “I’ve had problems with a lot of your paid staff.”

It’s not the staff. It’s the candidate. Always has been. Always will.

The guy challenges Obama to go to Iraq, then whines about the resulting press coverage. This will be a crushing defeat of epic proportions. McCain […]

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The Dispatch is reporting that the Ohio GOP FINALLY has a candidate for AG: Don Michael Crites.

I did a little research and it turns out that Mr. Crites has some scandals in his past that sound surprisingly similiar to the stuff we just left behind with Marc Dann.

In 1991 Crites, serving as the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, hired a woman named Brenda L Dodrill as an assistant U.S. attorney “despite the fact that she had been licensed to practice law only since November 1988 and had no trial experience.”

And why would he […]

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