I guess the Denver Open Convention thing worked like a charm. Genius:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrat Barack Obama’s presidential campaign says it raised $52 million last month.

I know people who don’t have the money, but gave it anyway.

So much for the move to the center destroying his donor base. So much for WSJ reporting (unless, of course the Obama campaign leaked this in a strategy to blow numbers away – which would again be genius). So much for Kos withholding his $2,300. Don’t need it. More than 23 of us gave $100 I’m willing to bet to more than make up for his max out mattering. Kos not mattering. Imagine that.

(ht Nick D. at BSB and Tim at BI)

Also noticed ModernEsquire firmly on the O train. Life is good. Keep smilin’!

Now. About the DNC…

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