I don’t care how you want to interpret the politics or political implications of the latest New Yorker magazine cover- I think we can all agree it’s the best damn cartoon The New Yorker has ever published.

New Yorker cartoons normally really, really suck. And this one with Obama isn’t too bad…

For starters, it actually makes sense- unlike most New Yorker cartoons.

Can anyone explain this one to me?


Also, the Obama thing is actually kind of funny. Terrorist fist bump, all that. I mean- I didn’t laugh out loud or anything- but I chuckled at least. And for The New Yorker, that’s something.

Did anyone even break into a slight grin after seeing this one?

Mice eat cheese? Is that supposed to be funny?

But shit, if that’s all it takes to get cartoons published in The New Yorker then I should start submitting some of my own ideas…

How about a couple of rabbits carrying gifts. Caption reads: “I’m really getting tired of all these baby showers.” Funny right? Because rabbits have lots of babies.

Or how about an angry drunk guy talking to a rabbi in front of a hotel ballroom. Caption reads: “What kind of a bar doesn’t serve drinks?” A sign on the ballroom door reads “Goldberg BAR Mitzvah”.

Pretty horrible ideas for cartoons, right? But pretty standard stuff for The New Yorker.

My point: the Obama thing is a pretty ballsy move for a magazine that prides itself on crappy cartoons about dogs and rabbits.

I, for one, am glad to see they have at least TRIED to do something different.

p.s. If you are from the New Yorker and you like these ideas- please give me a call. I’ll be glad to come up with lots of horrible cartoon ideas if the money is right.

  • LOL, I am cracking UP over those cartoons. I love the New Yorker. It’s a great magazine, and the comics rule. I’m afraid that you aren’t making your case with me.


  • Can you explain the first one to me then?

    And don’t say it’s funny because every day is the same to people in prison.

    That’s not funny. Not at all.

    It’s like asking “And what’s up with airplane food?” and then expecting people to laugh.

  • TGIF. Irony. You don’t like irony? Who knew? It doesn’t fucking MATTER whether it’s Friday or Tuesday if you are chained in a dungeon. It’s not so much commentary on THEM as it is on US. Workin’ for the weekend and such. You end up asking yourself who is really chained.

    OK, now I gotta go get this Loverboy song out of my head…

  • Loved the New Yorker cover. If anything it gives us the sense freedom of speech is still around in America. To say it’s crap undermines what we are all about. All’s fair in love and war, where is your sense of fair play. You hate it because it’s dead on. Come on, if you can’t laugh at your candidate and accept he’s going to get hit where he lives… You don’t get the sense of fairness this represents. Not everybody shares your undying love for Obama.

  • ahh censorship, only in America.

  • Not sure what you are talking about Joyce.

    I like the cover. As a matter of fact, I said “it’s the best damn cartoon The New Yorker has ever published.”

  • Part of my comment was removed.

  • Yes. Edited for clarity. Next one gets removed.

  • you know when the only ideas you allow are those that mimic your own they call that intellectual masturbation. It’s an exercise in stupidity, but you already know that.

  • Whatever jackas- er.. Joyce.

    Eric isn’t going to edit your comments because they disagree with his/our position.

    Hell- we all enjoy arguing about this stuff.

    Just keep YOUR “intellectual masturbation” – i.e. repeating fucked up fox news-like fake name mistakes – for your own fucking blog.

  • it was a play on the New Yorker Cover,obviously, but it sailed right over head.

  • Berban

    yeah their cartoons suck. no debate.

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