I don’t care how you want to interpret the politics or political implications of the latest New Yorker magazine cover- I think we can all agree it’s the best damn cartoon The New Yorker has ever published.

New Yorker cartoons normally really, really suck. And this one with Obama isn’t too bad…

For starters, it actually makes sense- unlike most New Yorker cartoons.

Can anyone explain this one to me?


Also, the Obama thing is actually kind of funny. Terrorist fist bump, all that. I mean- I didn’t laugh out loud or anything- but I chuckled at least. And for The New Yorker, that’s something.

Did anyone even break into a slight grin after seeing this one?

Mice eat cheese? Is that supposed to be funny?

But shit, if that’s all it takes to get cartoons published in The New Yorker then I should start submitting some of my own ideas…

How about a couple of rabbits carrying gifts. Caption reads: “I’m really getting tired of all these baby showers.” Funny right? Because rabbits have lots of babies.

Or how about an angry drunk guy talking to a rabbi in front of a hotel ballroom. Caption reads: “What kind of a bar doesn’t serve drinks?” A sign on the ballroom door reads “Goldberg BAR Mitzvah”.

Pretty horrible ideas for cartoons, right? But pretty standard stuff for The New Yorker.

My point: the Obama thing is a pretty ballsy move for a magazine that prides itself on crappy cartoons about dogs and rabbits.

I, for one, am glad to see they have at least TRIED to do something different.

p.s. If you are from the New Yorker and you like these ideas- please give me a call. I’ll be glad to come up with lots of horrible cartoon ideas if the money is right.