From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 15, 2008

When will we learn our lesson?

Ohio’s Charter School system DOES NOT WORK.

If it did, we wouldn’t be constantly hearing stories like this: another failing charter school being forced to close in Ohio.

This time it’s Hope Academy High School – a for-profit charter school operated by… yep, you guessed it: White Hat Management…

A Cleveland charter school is being shut down after several serious problems were found with the school.

Hope Academy High School opened in 2005 and has been under academic watch for failing to meet state education standards.

The school’s […]

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I don’t care how you want to interpret the politics or political implications of the latest New Yorker magazine cover- I think we can all agree it’s the best damn cartoon The New Yorker has ever published.

New Yorker cartoons normally really, really suck. And this one with Obama isn’t too bad…

For starters, it actually makes sense- unlike most New Yorker cartoons.

Can anyone explain this one to me?


Also, the Obama thing is actually kind of funny. Terrorist fist bump, all that. I mean- I didn’t laugh out loud or anything- but […]

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First John with the pregnant pause, now this. Absolute gold, Jerry. If this thing doesn’t become a commercial it will be a big mistake. Perfect clip to include in an economy spot. If it’s the economy, you can’t sound stupid. Stupid!

Back in ’06, freepers were drafting this guy for President. In March he was at the top of the McCain VP list.

Not anymore…

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