So how disingenuous does one have to be to claim the moral high ground and scoff at a liberal leaning magazine for printing something that has been in his and the collective right’s psyche for some time now?

The answer? Very.

Not only that, but Mr. Flip Flop himself can’t make up his damned mind. First he posts that “I Condemn the Liberal Magazine New Yorker” (that’s the title of the post), then he tells Tim via email:

Well, Tim, the New Yorker isn’t a conservative magazine and quite frankly, I don’t really give a damn what the New Yorker does…

I don’t give a damn, but I write a separate post about it. Uhuh.

I condemn the shouting the New Yorker cover does by highlighting the smears against Obama, but I will continue to whisper Hussein every chance I get.

Good to know hypocrisy is still alive and well on the right! Good show, Captain Hurley! Good show!

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  • starfleet command listing dangerously to the right! hypocrite liars ahoy!

  • Come to think of it, I wonder if Matt’s co-blogger is beside himself at his cursing. The horror!

  • now hurley’s updated his post with complete nonsense. hilarity

  • Unless I am not keeping up on current events, “Hussein” is Obama’s legal middle name… he owns it. And it’s worse that having two middle names like a WASPy George Herbert Walker Bush, which the left used against him relentlessly. Man Up.

    Caricature has a long history in politics, but saying Hussein isn’t even caricature, it’s just description.

  • Well dave, you must not be keeping up to well. Do me a favor and don’t come here pretending the use of Barack HUSSEIN Obama is innocent. Just a way to make fun of him by using all three names just like they did to daddy bush. It will insult my intelligence and piss me off.

    You know better. I know better. There is only one reason to use the middle name incessantly and that is to paint a picture in the minds of the sychophants similar to what the New Yorker did on it’s cover today.

    Caricature is fine. Dumbo ears, what have you. Smears, to a great degree recently due to the party you support, also have a history.

    Constantly using the middle name Hussein is to paint a picture in the minds of voters that Obama is Mulsim. That he supports terrorism (hell even some of your wingnut buddies like Blumer just come out and SAY it with his 6 degrees of Barack Obama bullshit). That Barack is no different than that guy we hung in Iraq because he has the same name. The right have this talking point down and it is clear the intent.

    Wise up.

    And don’t step to me here with that weak ass “it’s just his middle name” bullshit because I’ll call you on it and smack you for it.

  • hey dave, what’s your middle name so we can insinuate you’re a terrorist?

  • You really don’t need to know his middle name to start making jokes about nixguy’s name.

    His last name is “Stacy”.

    Insinuate away.

  • Heh. Middle School was not good with having my last name being stacy and my middle name is worse. You’ll have to trust me.

    Look, if I was running for president and my first name was Adolph, or whatever, I would change it.

    Going back to #6 if it’s a smear to mention someone’s middle name, then calling Bush senior by his middle names was also a smear, as those doing it weren’t doing so to highlight Bush’s middle class credentials!

    I’m not going to make a point of it, but every once in a while one of us is going to call him Barack Hussein Obama, and I guess y’all will have to get used to being outraged.

  • George Felix Allen Jr.?

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