From the daily archives: Friday, July 11, 2008

New Ohio House Website

On July 11, 2008 By

The Ohio House of Representatives has updated their website.

They actually did a pretty good job. It includes bios on all of the members and most of the important stuff is available right from the nav bar – including committee memberships, calendars and legislation.

No news though on if/when they will start broadcasting committee hearings online. That, to me, seems like a must-have for the General Assembly.

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McCain recently stumbled over what should have been a simple question: do you support reproductive rights for women?

His answer: “I don’t know enough about it to give you an informed answer.”

Which is funny, because he was asked a similar question over a year ago and gave a shockingly similar answer: “I haven’t thought about it. Before I give you an answer, let me think about. Let me think about it a little bit because I never got a question about it before.”

Well it’s been a year now John. That seems like plenty of time to […]

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