This is so damned awkward. The talk is not looking so straight. It’s almost painful to watch and you end up feeling really sorry for the guy. Watch this clip and tell me whether you’d be comfortable with this man leading our country:

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  • No wait. Maybe it’s not so bad that McCain pauses and searches for the right words:

  • dirtgirl

    Shorter McCain:
    “While I don’t know enough about this subject to answer a reporter’s questions, I didn’t let that stop me from voting on it in U.S. Congress. Can’t remember how I voted… let me get back to you.”

    Or could it be that as a 72-year old male, John McCain really DOESN’T have an opinion about birth control? It wasn’t even invented until he was about 40, right?

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  • His handlers didn’t prepare him his answer right before he walked out. Too bad that chip in his brain doesn’t have a database of all the questions anyone might ask and the correct answers they want him to give so he doesn’t have to come with something on his own, he obviously can’t.

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