From the daily archives: Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So I’ve been listening to the debate lately about whether rising fuel prices are being caused simply by an increase in demand from developing countries (china, india, etc.) or by something more complicated like speculation in the oil market – a la the Enron electricity fiasco in California.

Obviously John McCain, with his drill-first-ask-questions-later approach, believes it’s the first option. Or at least that’s what his campaign staff is telling him to pretend to believe.

That’s not surprising though. Republicans always eschew the answer requiring a slight bit more thinking for the answer that appeals to the gut, the answer […]

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Normal people average about 10 blinks per minute.

In this 1 minute interview I count John McCain blinking over 90 times!

According to Wikipedia: “excessive blinking may help to indicate the onset of Tourette syndrome, strokes or disorders of the nervous system” or it maybe just be anxiety.

Do you think John McCain really wants to “welcome” Bob Barr to the race? (I wonder if he’ll invite Mr. Barr to the debates/town halls.)

I’m quite sure McCain is at least a little anxious about Barr stealing 6 points from me in the latest national polls.

Though I’m […]

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Budget cuts are threatening the Arecibo Observatory, home of the world’s largest single-aperture telescope. Arecibo is important because it provides a lot of basic science research, including providing the source data for the SETI@home project. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a key resource for identifying and tracking asteroids that pose an impact risk for the Earth.

The Arecibo Observatory operates on just $12.5m annually. Shuttle missions weigh in at $400m each. Arecibo may not be sexy (except when it’s in Bond films), but it is important.

Senate Bill S. 2862 and House Resolution H.R. 3737 aim […]

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