Is there anyone dirtbag Republican lawyer and failed candidate for Columbus mayor Bill Todd won’t represent?

For-profit Charter School PACs that illegally funnel contributions to Republican candidates…

Anti-womens’ rights groups that want to run illegal issue ads…

Bogus non-profits that run illegal campaign ads and then illegally hide the names of their contributors…

hmmm… I guess not.

So I guess it should come as no surprise that he’s now representing Payday lenders – suing the state for the right to charge poor Ohioans 391 percent interest for small loans!

I’ve really tried to stay neutral on this whole payday lending issue- but now it seems pretty obvious that they’re not good people. Bill Todd doesn’t work for good people.

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  • You missed one of the shadowy non profits. Bill Todd also was the lawyer for Road to Work, a 2006 non-profit group created to “build a coalition in support of privatizing the turnpike.’’

    When the group was announced, its supporters said it would boost economic opportunities and create jobs for Ohioans by leveraging a lease of the Ohio Turnpike….’’ The same announcement insisted that the the non-profit “is not affiliated with any campaign or political party.’’

    Despite the claim of independence, the cause it championed was identical to Ken Blackwell’s plan to privatize the Ohio Turnpike. And Ken’s plan and Road to Work both debuted when Ken was running for governor. Hardly a coincidence.

    Had the plan to privatize the Turnpike succeeded, it would have put money in the pockets of bond houses — run by lots of Blackwell donors — and would have been an unvoted tax on truckers because their tolls would have spiked up — just as they did in Indiana when its toll road was privatized.

    Just like the payday effort, Todd is shilling for a client that wants to prey on the poor.

  • It’s unfortunate that ANYONE would be willing to represent the payday lobby. Not only is their product predatory and exploitative, but they are unwilling to tell Ohio voters the truth. They have two snazzy ads up running statewide offering 391% as “freedom” and a “choice” that we should all be grateful to have. 391% is not freedom! It’s usury and immoral!

    Ohioans won’t fall for their freedom mantra. Everyone knows full well that their lobbyists are in town to protect their exorbitant profits made of the backs of working poor, not to ensure everyone has “freedom.”

    Vote Yes on Issue 5!

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