You know how the right is always saying things like “everyone wants to come to America to get medical treatment” and “a national health care system would lead to rationing of medical treatments” ?

Well, not surprisingly, it turns out this is NOT true. None of it.

Actually, according to a new set of polls conducted here, in Canada and in Britain, most people – here and abroad – think America’s health system kind of sucks.

Only 10% of Americans think their health system functions “pretty well” – compared to 56% of Canadians and 27% in Britain.

89% of Americans think their system needs fundamental change – vs 42% of Canadians and 69% of Brits.

But the most telling result is this: 61% of Americans would prefer a national health system like in Canada or Britain while only 3% of Canadians and 12% of British say they would prefer the American system.

The poll results also reveal information that seems to disprove the ‘rationing’ argument.

Specifically, “Americans with low incomes go to the doctor fewer times a year, an average of 6.7 visits, than do poor Canadians, 8.7.”

I hope Obama will keep these numbers in his back pocket, ready to pull out when McCain starts ranting on about “socialized medicine” and the mythical horde of Canadians crossing the border to get access to American health care.