It’s obvious Starfleet Commander Matt Hurley lives in a fantasy world. You can’t really take what he says seriously.

So let me clear something up for everyone: despite what Matt thinks, Iraq never had nuclear weapons – or any other “weapons of mass destruction”.

Jesus, didn’t we clear this shit up years and years and years ago?

Yes, the AP recently reported that the US just shipped a bunch of “yellowcake” to Canada from Iraq.

But this IS NOT the stuff George Bush claimed Sadam was trying to buy from Niger. That information was WRONG- a bunch of lies based on intelligence documents that were fakes. Sadam wasn’t trying to expand his nuclear program. Bush just made that shit up.

Again- didn’t we fucking clear this up already? Joseph Wilson? Valerie Plame? Any of this ringing a bell, Matt?

Yes- we did just send a bunch of yellowcake to Canada. But this shit predates the Iraq war. Actually, it predates the first Gulf War as well. It doesn’t take a whole shitload of research to find out the truth here, man. Just check Wikipedia:

Between 1980 and 1982, Iraq procured more than 400 tons of yellowcake from Portugal and Niger which remained in a storage complex close to Tuwaitha. The facility and its yellowcake were monitored and frequently inspected by the International Atomic Energy Agency after the 1991 Gulf War. About 1.8 metric tons of “yellow cake” and 500 tons of unrefined uranium went missing as the Iraqis left Tuwaitha unattended during the war. When the facility was first encountered by U.S. Marines, they thought they had stumbled upon an illegal weapons cache; according to nuclear experts, however, they actually wound up breaking the IAEA seals that are “designed to ensure the materials aren’t diverted for weapons use or end up in the wrong hands.” The Pentagon dispatched a team to survey the site “after a month of official indecision”, finding it heavily looted.

Did you get that?

Iraq DID have some yellowcake. A lot of it, actually. But it was all secure and monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency… until we fucking invaded their country, broke the IAEA seals, and let a bunch of it fall into the wrong hands.

Uh oh! So much for protecting the world from terror, right?

Well, actually, yellowcake isn’t too dangerous by itself. It’s pretty useless to anyone in its existing form. Without purification and/or enrichement it can’t be used for nuclear weapons and it isn’t even radioactive enough to be used in a dirty bomb.

It’s certainly not a weapon of mass destruction. And without a lot of work, it can’t be made into one.

Which brings me back to my original point: despite what Matt thinks, Saddam Hussein DID NOT have WMDs. And Bush’s whole excuse for invading Iraq was, at best, based on incompetence and, at worst, based on a bunch of big, fat, fucking lies.

Sorry Matt.

At least you’ve still got the whole Starfleet thing.

  • This is funny, but dude. Leave the photoshop to me! LOL

  • Add NixGuy to the list of wingnuts tossing this about.

  • J-Dog

    If Reagan was alive (and sentient), at this point he’d say to Matt and the gang: “Well, there you go again…”

  • Fred

    Yes, wikipedia is the most reputable source in the world, it is so fact checked.

    You know, I read the piece that this hurley guy wrote, and what I find funny, damn hilarious, is how you take one little paragraph he wrote regarding star trek to defame the entire article. The actual article itself had some interesting takes on Obama’s presidential seal.

    So what if the guy was in a star trek fan club? I mean, you guys here still live in mommy’s basement and suck at her teat, right? So, I mean, therefore, it is like the pot calling the kettle black, right?

    Maybe it is you guys here at this place who should take a certain starfleet captain’s (or at least the actor who played the role of a captain), and GET A LIFE?

    It amazes me how you rely on wikipedia, which is not factchecked, and how you take things out of context and make this guy, who seems to try to at least be civil with you all here, and out to be some type of degenerate because he was in a club.

    And all the cursing? So very mature. If given the choice between an obscenity based rant and a paragraph in a long article that references star trek, I will take the trek talk over the sad and pathetic cursing, which truly shows both a lack of class and a lack of intelligence in terms of vocabulary, anytime.

  • Fred, you fuckwit. Mother’s teat? Did you fact check that or pull it out of your ass?

    Matt gets made fun of for the Star Trek stuff because he lists it as political and leadership experience. Kinda funny, you must admit.

    You should do more work before automatically impugning the accuracy of Wikipedia. It’s plenty accurate and you cite no evidence to the contrary so I’ll rather quickly dismiss your objection on the grounds of accuracy.

    So thanks for stopping by. Now fuck off. We’ll curse when we want to and when circumstance dictates (which has been quite often over the course of the last 8 years).

    If you read PB much you’ll probably find that despite the cursing there is very little lacking in both intelligence and vocabulary. Now good day, sir.

  • The most important question is “who cares what Matt Hurley thinks?”… but maybe Matt Hurley. His whole position is intellectual masturbation. Why would anyone with a brain participate?

  • Add Gordo to the list of wingnuts who apparently can’t read.

  • Hurley completely misinterprets the information and presents a totally wrong assumption: liberals are wrong because Iraq had yellowcake.

    So either he has no fucking clue what he’s talking about and he didn’t spend 5 minutes to research the truth…


    He does know the truth and he decided to lie about it anyway.

    I’ll give the guy the benefit of the doubt and say it’s probably the first one.

  • Oh- and I didn’t use the Starfleet thing to discredit the guy.

    He did that himself with his complete misinterpretation of the facts.

    Regarding wikipedia not being fact checked: reuters and the AP both report the same information.

  • @6: You have a real point here. It’s sort of like Naugle back in the day. Not even sporting countering his bullshit anymore.

    Fish in barrel.

  • J-Dog

    I never put it together until now, but it’s all making sense. Apparently the wingnuts are all caught up in some program in the Hollow Deck! I could never understand their bizarre world of alternative reality…until now.

    Thanks guys for helping me wrap my brain around this one.

    I’ll check back in after I got done helping LaForge with the plasma inductors!

  • Add another idiot to the starfleet command, captain!

    They’re all flocking to this like bugs to a summer night’s lamppost. LOL. ZAP!

  • let’s also not forget that Hurley makes star trek references often, usually to explain some idiotic analogy that works only in his jaba the hut mind.

  • Fred

    Hey Tim, at least his mind isn’t consumed with gross sexual imposition on a minor or lewd and lascivious conduct…

  • J-Dog

    @14 — Hey Fred, grow up.

  • Fred

    I am not the one taking one paragraph out of context and playing name calling games because of someone’s hobby….

    Look in the mirror….oh yeah, and what was mr. russo busted for again? Oh yeah….

  • What the fuck does Tim Russo have to do with this?

    Matt Hurley is WRONG. Period.

    He looked at some facts and misinterpreted them and then tried to use this false assumption to make the claim that “the left is wrong on yet another issue”.

    If you can’t see this, Fred, then I’m going to have to agree with Eric: you are kind of a fuckwit.

  • Even funnier is Matt’s cartoon rendition of himself.

    appears if he were a cartoon, he would be 200 lbs lighter, no triple chin and look like a biker dude. Maybe that’s how he thinks he looks.

  • J-Dog

    Fred is an inarticulate buffoon who has nothing positive or substantive to bring to the table. I get the feeling that he does not know yellowcake from shinola.

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