Jesse Helms, five-term Senator from North Carolina and life-long racist fuck, died today – supposedly of “natural causes”.

My guess: he turned on CNN and realized that one of them Negroes was going to be president soon and his small, hate-filled heart finally gave up.

You can check out wikipedia for more info on Jesse’s racist legacy, but I’ll include one really good example here that happened at the start of his career in politics.

While working on the Senate campaign of Willis Smith in 1950, Jesse Helms helped write the following ad attacking Smith’s opponent Frank Graham:

“White people, wake up before it is too late. Do you want Negroes working beside you, your wife and your daughters, in your mills and factories? Frank Graham favors mingling of the races.”


So, in honor of Jesse’s passing…

I’ll let Todd Rundgren tell you all about Mr. Helms.

I wanna fuck you ’cause I got the right
To love a man whose stupid, ugly, and white.
I wanna say “fuck you,” Jesse Helms.