Bill O’Neill, the Dem candidate in Ohio’s 14th, smacks down LaTourette’s horrible gas reimbursement plan in today’s News-Herald.

LaTourette’s plan is typical of the really bad ideas being proposed by Republicans this year in response to rising fuel prices.

Instead of trying to cut consumption and reduce our dependence on oil, LaTourette proposes a reimbursement of 4 cents per mile to commuters.

Here’s O’Neill’s response…

“I don’t think, if I take a lot of time, that I could come up with a worse idea,” O’Neill said.

“This piece of legislation will increase consumption, gas prices, will increase oil company profits and increase the national debt and does nothing to solve the problem.”

O’Neill said he equates the legislation to “offering a discount on sugar to a diabetic,” explaining that “it’s going to make the problem worse.”

I would have gone with “offering a discount on herioin to an addict” – but it’s still a pretty good example.

Keep it up, Bill.

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