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Prepare to Believe

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Saw this commercial on today’s local news.

See how long it takes you to figure out what it’s for.

Hint: Dinosaurs and Humans hanging out together…

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Rev. Kenneth Copeland – one of the corrupt ministers being investigated for breaking all kinds of tax laws with his extravigant lifestyle – has basically told Senator Grassley, the guy leading the investigation, to go fuck himself.

In short: “It’s not yours, it’s God’s, and you’re not going to get it,” Copeland said of his financial records.

Below is the video of an interesting BBC news story on the topic – including the intro where Copeland and his nutjob followers pray for the new, $20 million Citation 10 private jet that Kenny claims God told him to buy.


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McCain visits Lordstown, Ohio auto plant and the workers basically boycott the event.


“Management invited him,” said Tim Niles, a worker in the plant. “It had nothing to do with us. We’re with Obama.”

It’s one thing to get the endorsement of the UAW, but it’s a whole other thing to hear it right from the lips of these mostly-white, working class Ohio guys.

They actually get it this time.

Greg George, another white worker at the plant told a reporter for the Financial Times, “We’re a working-class factory, McCain calls himself a moderate, but his […]

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Bill O’Neill, the Dem candidate in Ohio’s 14th, smacks down LaTourette’s horrible gas reimbursement plan in today’s News-Herald.

LaTourette’s plan is typical of the really bad ideas being proposed by Republicans this year in response to rising fuel prices.

Instead of trying to cut consumption and reduce our dependence on oil, LaTourette proposes a reimbursement of 4 cents per mile to commuters.

Here’s O’Neill’s response…

“I don’t think, if I take a lot of time, that I could come up with a worse idea,” O’Neill said.

“This piece of legislation will increase consumption, gas prices, will increase […]

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