It was just last month that christofascist asshat Phil Burress, after being dissed by McCain, came out publicly saying: “We don’t like him and he doesn’t like us.”

How quickly things change.

The recent meeting between McCain and a group of Ohio’s leading homophobes and women-haters – including Burress – seems to have brought Phil over to McCain’s side.

Not only is he saying nice things about McCain now- but he is publicly attacking Obama.

According to Phil, John McCain left the meeting “a changed man.” “His mind can be changed if you have the facts,” said Phil of John. In other words, he’ll do what I want him to do if I threaten him enough.

And while it sounds like John McCain is simply pandering to Phil and his band of whackjobs, Phil would have you believe it is actually Barack Obama who is pandering to the social conservatives.

On hearing news that Obama planned to expand Bush’s faith-based initiatives, Burress accused Barack of “pandering to evangelicals.”

Isn’t that EXACTLY was you have been asking McCain to do all along, Phil? Jesus Christ, man. Figure out what you want already.

But anyway- here’s the worst part:

Burress calls McCain’s opponent Barack Obama a “borderline idiot” with a “scary” political record. And he says “the best thing McCain can do is to let Obama talk.”

Tough talk from a self-professed porn addict hell bent on making Ohio a scary place to live by taking away reproductive rights from women and ensuring gays and lesbians will always be second class citizens.

At least with Phil we know there is no borderline. He’s 100% on the idiot side.