From the daily archives: Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Remember Harmony Community School?

They are the Cincinnati charter school the AG’s office has been trying to shut down since January because of “abject academic failure, gross financial mismanagement, ethical lapses, and what amounts to consumer fraud.”

Well it looks like Harmony is still operating and they are in the news again. This time they are planning to partner with Cricket Wireless to open “a cell phone store” in the school. The goal is “to teach students retail and entrepreneurial skills.”

Putting aside the fact that in 2001 Harmony planned to open a clothing store in the school […]

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It was just last month that christofascist asshat Phil Burress, after being dissed by McCain, came out publicly saying: “We don’t like him and he doesn’t like us.”

How quickly things change.

The recent meeting between McCain and a group of Ohio’s leading homophobes and women-haters – including Burress – seems to have brought Phil over to McCain’s side.

Not only is he saying nice things about McCain now- but he is publicly attacking Obama.

According to Phil, John McCain left the meeting “a changed man.” “His mind can be changed if you have the facts,” said […]

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A CNN poll has found that terrorism fears are at an all-time post-9/11 low:

According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Wednesday, 35 percent of Americans believe a terrorist attack somewhere in the United States is likely over the next several weeks.

So that’s good news… wait a minute, 35% of Americans believe a terrorist attack in the US is likely over the next several weeks?!?! How much you want to bet these people are also mostly George Bush loyalists who (illogically, given they think a terror attack is likely) think Bush is going a good job protecting […]

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