ROFL. You gotta love this. “It’s unfair!”, they shouted. “Our comments about that African-born negro gay Muslim Manchurian candidate were taken out of context!”, they protested. “They made our beloved flag city into a racist hotbed of misinformation and it’s just not fair!”, they whined.

Somebody call the waaahbulance because I think we have an emergency of conscience here.

This is precisely why we blog their emails. Precisely why we blog their phone numbers. So they are called to the carpet and taken to task. Apparently it worked. Today on the front page of the Findlay Courier, there’s this:

National story giving Findlay ‘a bad name’

Apparently Don Lemaster (419-422-8216), Leroy Pollard (419-425-9947), and others think the Washington Post story written by Eli Saslow. I have an email in to Eli asking whether the story is accurate and complete.

I find this line particularly interesting from today’s Courier story:

LeMaster did not complain Monday about any specific quote in the Post story

The original story was actually not that slanted at all and even hinted that some on College Street are open minded and listening to canvassers who are stopping by to talk about Obama.

It’s one thing to spout misinformation as having calcified into fact. Quite another to see it on the front page of the Washington Post. My guess is this is the reason for the backtracking.

Seriously folks. If you are gonna spout this crap, you are gonna get called on it. Get the picture yet? These rumor mills won’t go unanswered, especially once they reach the MSM. We in Ohio will be diligent. All we are asking is for the truth to be the focus and not these lies and smears propagating on the Internet.

That’s all we’re asking.

Findlay, Ohio has an opportunity to shine here. I would ask that Don, Leroy, and the rest of College Street show America what they are really made of. Speak up for the truth about Barack Obama – whether you support him or not. Anything less will be watched with a careful eye. Hijinx will not be tolerated.

I hear there may be blogger follow up on this story like we’ve seen in the past so stay tuned!

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