Two days ago the US Supreme Court shot down a Louisiana law that allowed the state to kill someone convicted of raping a child under 12,

No one is going to argue we shouldn’t give the most severe punishment possible to a guy who rapes his 8 year old step daughter. It’s a horrible crime and the guy deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his fucking life.

But this is the death penalty we’re talking about here. The DEATH penalty. State sponsored killing of another human being. If we are going to use it – it should be REALLY, REALLY rare.

Once we start down that path… where does it stop?

More importantly, the Justices ruled that the Eight Amendment – which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment – “bars Louisiana from imposing the death penalty for the rape of a child where the crime did not result, and was not intended to result, in the victim’s death.”

Unfortunately, Steve Chabot has decided he doesn’t much care for that stupid constitution and so he just introduced H. J. Res. 96 which proposes “an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to permit the penalty of death for the rape of a child”.

Why Steve? Why do you hate the Constitution?