So with the recent DC handgun ban ruling by the Supreme Court and the resulting glee on the right (despite the court continuing to allow “reasonable restrictions”), I began thinking.

Why is it that the right is so solid on this right and so absolutely opposed to a city or municipality with unique crime and violence problems banning handguns, while turning around and displaying the exact OPPOSITE behavior when it comes to a woman getting pregnant and deciding whether or not they want to have that child?

On one hand (guns) it is government hands off!

On the other hand (abortion) it is government please step in and BAN something we don’t like!

Anyone else see a consistency problem here? How about intellectual honesty? There is none.

The same could probably be said with gay marriage. We don’t like it? BAN! We do like it? CONSTITUTION!

While they want people to have the free will to protect themselves and their property by being able to “bear arms” and trust that they’ll do the right thing, they don’t want such free will when it comes to a person’s sexual partner or baby.

Where are the freedom lovers and Constitutional scholars when it comes to these other two things?

Personally, I think people should be allowed to have guns given certain reasonable restrictions and I’m glad the court ruled in precisely this way. I think hunting and self defense are quite reasonable given the person is willing and able to get trained to a certain point and becomes proficient in the course of having a weapon. I do side more with the dissenting view that the decision should be forced more locally when it comes to attempting to provide for the common good. In no way should that be framed as liberals “wanting to take away your guns”. That’s pure fiction only pushed by the wingiest of wingnut attempting to use fear again as a political tool. Cold dead fingers and clinging and all. Bunch of BS.

But it does leave me wondering where these types are when other individual rights (like picking your mate and marrying them and deciding whether or not you want to carry a baby to term)? Where are they then? I’d argue one reason for a complete meltdown on the right is the absence of this consistency. The left has been guilty of the same. Maybe this is a point around which we can come together.

I’ll protect the rights you hold dear if you’ll agree to protect those I value as well.


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