The Hill reports that Dennis Kucinich – in another sad attempt to stay relevant – has not yet endorsed Barack Obama and doesn’t plan to until he knows “what the party stands for.”

Obama’s campaign “declined to comment”.

Which is exactly what they should do.

Barack is going to win Kucinich’s district even if Dennis doesn’t endorse him and he might actually do a lot better nationally if Dennis doesn’t endorse him.

Obama needs to avoid that “most liberal member of congress” label – and not hanging out with Kucinich is a great way to start.

  • bonobo

    Onion style:

    Kucinich Waiting to Endorse Obama, For Someone to Care.

  • IrregardlessNH

    Congressman Kucinich stands for your best interests (unless you’re one of Cheney’s hunting buddies), and is marginalized by those who don’t care one bit about you, except as a soldier or consumer.

    So continue show us how smart you are by taking cheap shots and insulting your real friends.

  • halfvotefl

    Kucinich has always protected our best interests. He was our best choice for President but the public was kept from hearing his voice. We can count on Kucinich to lean on BO for an end to war, bring our troops home, universal health care and defend our rights. I am voting for Nader who holds similar values unless Kucinich runs as an Independent, although that is unlikely. BO’s true side is coming out; he does not have the leadership skills he claims. His background has not been investigated by either the DNC or MSM. BO is a DINO.

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