So let me see, first you meet with these guys:

WASHINGTON (CNN) –- An official from the Log Cabin Republicans organization says the group representing gay Republicans has had a series of meetings with presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain.

Then turn around and meet with this guy (and friends):

June 26, 2008 2:56 PM

A late update to the schedule today — at 2:30 pm ET, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., met with some local conservative leaders.

Specifically, he’ll be meeting with Phil Burress, Mike Gonidakis, Harvey Hook, Chris Long, Dr. Jack Willke, and Lori Viars.

They are not your typical McCainiacs.

Who are they?

* Phil Burress heads the anti-porn group Citizens for Community Values and was active in the successful drive in 2004 to amend Ohio’s constitution to ban same sex marriages.

So riddle me this professor. How the hell is one to have this make sense? How does John McCain figure he can square meeting with a bunch of gay dudes then turn around and meet a porn addict turned wingnut gay bashing value voter guy?

This guy takes pandering and flip flopping to a whole new breathtaking level. No wonder the righties are trying to set the narrative about Obama flip flopping using every subtle nuance in position as fodder. They too must have a keen sense of who the real flippety floppety flip flopper is. Last I checked Obama wasn’t meeting with two seemingly diametrically opposed groups and trying to hide the fact that he met with one.

Shame on you John McCain. Show some transparency and bring your meetings with gay guys out of the closet and be loud and proud of your bad self. Mmm-hmmm.