The evidence is everywhere. Less people call themselves Republicans now that the NeoCons have dirtied the word up so. The GOP is in full on collapse. Less money coming in. Trouble finding qualified candidates to mount challenges in key races -cough- Ohio Attorney General – cough- . Issues polling has them tanking. View of the party favorable to unfavorable ratio is coming in at -14 while Dems see a +20. Hell, some are even so averse to being “Republican” that they tout instead their ties to the Democratic nominee Barack Obama in their campaign ads:

Gordon Smith is a member of the GOP. He apparently does NOT want voters to know that. They, along with their highest ranking member President Bush, are toxic.

Hell, even their Presidential nominee sounds more like a Democrat than a Republican most of the time. When you have wingnut bloggers making the argument that “The Democrat named McCain I can live with…that other guy, not so much…”, you know there is trouble in River City (whether or not it’s in jest).

Evangelicals are even leaving in droves, especially the young. They have figured out that the modern day Republican Party and even the movement that is Neo-Conservatism isn’t very Christ-like at all despite the caterwauling.

That John McCain is the nominee of the party should be hint enough. Neo-conservatism is dead. Wingnut bloggers will no doubt be more and more vile as their ship continues to sink. You’ve been warned.

When Obama is elected President I will toast a fine bourbon to the end of the nightmare that has been Bush, Cheney, and Rove’s GOP and dance on the grave of Neo-conservatism.

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