Seriously? If this is what they got we can go ahead and call it now CNN. This race is over. Tell me this is a ruse designed to lull us into a false sense of security in winning this election. This is LOL funny, this one:

Seriously. They paid someone money to put this together. Even web only and not putting money into a buy with this is idiotic.

But funny…and we do like funny here at PB!

McCain: “Damn. This Obama guy gets all the Interweb love! I need something to throw him off his game”

Director of Interweb Media: “Well, Senator, we could go with your core Republican theme of energy independence and environmental protection!”

McCain: “Sounds good. Let’s go light on the enviro stuff though, I’m starting to get nervous people won’t remember I’m the Republican.”

Director of Interweb Media: “We have the perfect thing. We’ll cast Obama as the evil “Dr. No”, you know like in those cool 60’s movies. Later, you can even be John McCain, 007!”

McCain: “I like this. Think the kids will like it? The kids on the Intertubes?”

Director of Interweb Media: “You can BET on it, Senator. They be on it like kryptonite!”

McCain: WTF does that mean?

Director of Interweb Media: “Did you just say WTF? Nice use of chat slang bro!”

LOL. This is honestly one of the worst web ads I’ve seen in a long time.

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